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Rebounder benefits

low impact

lymphatic system activation

full body motion

improved balance

stress relief

improved cardiovascular health

strengthened pelvic floor

easy on the joints


designed to go hand-in-hand with our seven class concepts 

unlike other rebounders, the LEKFIT rebounders octagonal shape allows you to prop up your rebounder for standing series, or use it as a grip during our core series.

the perfect bounce 

at LEKFIT, we take bouncing seriously, which is why we spent so much time trying & testing different resistance levels. what we ended up with was the perfect bounce. with the LEKFIT rebounder, there's enough resistance to keep you working hard at all times, and enough give to reduce impact and keep your joints healthy & happy.

easy to assemble 

our goal is always to keep things simple for you, which is why we made sure that the LEKFIT rebounder is easy to assemble. all you have to do is unbox + screw on the legs. the LEKFIT rebounder comes with 8 legs, a mat, and all bungees already attached. you’re ready to bounce in under 10 minutes! 

Rebounder How To:

  • Step 1

    Set up onto the center of the rebounder
  • Step 2

    Bounce low + down
  • Step 3

    Arms tight + close to your body
  • Step 4

    Toes face forward
  • Step 5

    Roll through your feet
  • Step 6

    Engage your core
  • Step 7

    Shoulders down
  • Step 8

    Chin off your chest
  • Step 9

    Slight bend in the knee
  • Step 10

    Carefully step down one foot at a time

Rebounder Bungee Maintenance:

  • Step 1

    Insert bungee tool provided into the loop of the loose bungee
  • Step 2

    Firmly pull back to properly loop the bungee
  • Step 3

    Carefully maneuver the tool out of the secured bungee
  • Step 4

    Pull to rotate the bungee
  • Step 5

    Now you are ready to bounce


What our customer says

okay, the LEKFIT rebounder is seriously a million times better than the average brand! definitely worth the $$$ and the wait!

i used my new LEKFIT rebounder for the first time today! it is amazing! definitely an upgrade from the jumpsport!

i got my LEKFIT rebounder in the mail on friday and it makes all the difference! you are not exaggerating when you say LEKFIT classes are built on this specific rebounder!

Yes the LEKFIT rebounder is very firm I highly recommend!

It’s a game changer. VERY firm and I can keep up. Worth it.

So much better! So worth it!