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“Excellent! 👌 I loved working with gliders for the legs and abs🔥💦💪 And all that with very good music🥰 Super fun🥳 Thank you Lauren for all Your artistic proposals😘”

“Long live the gliders! It was really hard but very effective! 🔥🔥🔥💦Thank you Lauren😘”

“Wow! The plank series was no joke! And my legs were already sore from Boost yesterday! Great workout! 💦🔥🖤”

“wow wow wow! never would have guessed that this slower pace would have me sweating so much!!!”

“Wonderful! The gliders were the ⭐️ of that show! And the 🎶 was on point! 🙌🏻”

“my 1st BLAST and it was 👌-thank you! 🖤💦”

“loved this one, perfection 🖤🖤🖤”

“LOVED this one SO much-thank you! 🖤💦”

“Sessions 👏🏼DELIVERED👏🏼 this week!”

“So good! Love the music this week. ;)”

“Loved the whole leg series! So good! Thank you! 🖤”

“What a flow ✨🖤”

“Lauren, I just love your brain and this method so much! Thank you for following your dreams and giving us LEKFIT dude.

I have struggled with building/toning muscle on the backs of my legs my whole life- I literally just thought it was a genetic thing that they just WOULDNT tone up… well the past 3 weeks of focused thutt/thighs and glutes have done some kind of magic bc I’m noticing a tighter and more toned appearance- it’s like it took me 3 years of LEKFIT to build my stamina and strength and now you’re sculpting THE best body of my life in my fucking 40’s 🥳

Saving this one forever bc I’ve never felt some of the muscles I just used doing this lol. Plus, this playlist was so sexy and fun🖤

Thanks for sharing your ART and TALENT with us, and y’all have a great weekend! Go us✨”

“That was perfect. Thank you! Loved your playlist so much!”

“Thank you Thank you Lauren For this superb D60+🤩🤩🤩 A perfection 💦🔥💪💃🎧😘”

“I don't know what I was expecting from my first Blast class... but it was not this feeling like I did a full hour long class🥵”

“Loved every minute of this one!!! And the playlist was on point!”

“100% one of my favs! Thank you”

“Thank you for the 60+ min Sessions! One of the best yet!”

“Thank you for the 60+ min Sessions! One of the best yet!”

“expert cueing, creative choreo, perfect form, never drops the beat - thank you!”

“Loved it 🖤 thank you LEK, fantastic class! Haha the cue to slow down on the leg section couldn’t be more spot on for me.. legs still shaking 😂”

“Amazing!! That was the whole week wrapped up in the perfect bow🎀”

“Another sweatfest! 💦 The music choices were fantastic especially the second leg series. I had to stop for a moment to find my daughter’s Tamagotchi and was able to jump right back in. Reminded me to say again, thanks for making these available digitally! I live in Austin and have enjoyed these workouts from far away for 2 years now. Thanks for all you do! 🖤”

“I loved it! It was all I could dream about best parts of Boost wrapped up into BLAST💥 🙌🏼😍”

“Oh Blast!!! Thank you for this new one drop🖤 perfect addition for my too short days”

“Wow, what a fun class! Loved the rebounder choreography and music!”

“Boost music and moves mesh magnificently. Wowee!!”

“That core was 🔥!!”

“That was great! Thanks!!”

“I have loved this entire week!”

“This was the absolute BEST!! Thank you🥰”

“That was an amazing class! 💦 Burned over 400 cals, and felt incredible after! Thank you, Lauren💪🏼”

“Loved this one! The music, the moves, the core work—perfection 🖤”

“Inner Thighs are such a challenge for me to “find” so love the extra attention to them and the queues from Lauren. Also loving the sexxxxxy playlist🖤🖤🖤”

“Loved this one! I don’t usually get to the Encores.. but this week I did and I’m so glad! The rebounder sections were so much fun! 🔥 💦 I felt all the ballerina 🩰 feels too!! Thank you. 🖤”

“Loved every part of this! Thank you! 🖤🖤”

“Thank you! Always delivers!”

“Gorgeous flow! And such good core cues! 🖤”

“love the ballet vibes! perfect class! saving this one!”

“Queen always delivers on everything! Kicked my ass in best way possibles!”

“Holy shit please archive this so we can do it forever! 🖤🖤🖤 So much fun and SO MUCH SWEAT 🧽💦”

“This week has been nothing short of spectacular. Y’all ate. No crumbs. Love it, thank you🖤”

“Close out the week with sessions. This week was hard & another nod to the program that never gets easy 😎☮️✌🏽”

“That core series!!! 🖤”

“OMG! Killer!💦🔥🥵Thank you Lauren😘”

“The best music this week, fits the workout so well 🖤”

“that playlist was fucking CHOICE 🖤🎧🤍”

“I have NEVER been so sore 3 days later even now. And I’ve been doing LEKFIT for years. Damn that leg series and the leg focus in general was just ⚡️‼️”

“Tough week, and I’m feeling it in all the right places! Love the vibe of this playlist, it kept me going when I wanted to pause during that first mat leg move, woowee was that killer! 🔥💦🖤”

“pure PERFECTION-the transitions every week are so WELL done, thank you! 🖤💦”

“I cleaned out my closet last night. Found six pairs of jeans that I haven’t even tried on in at least two years. Discovered that not only do they fit now but some are TOO BIG! It’s all thanks to LEKFIT. I started at the end of February as a birthday gift to myself. It’s been life-changing. So thank you Lauren and LEKFIT team! 🖤🖤🖤”

“Loved this one. I was smiling the whole time!!”

“Everything was there: 💦💪🔥💃🎧 Perfection👌🤗🤗🤗😘”

“This was exactly what I’m needed today 🖤”

“A quick appreciation post"

“Another delicious D60. Seriously love this method of hard cardio followed by toning and opening up of my body. My schedule and circumstances are INSANE right now and being able to fit in 50 minutes of something that keeps my body from falling down from exhaustion or stress is just such a gift. Thank you Lauren for keeping us sexy and sane🖤🖤🖤”

“She is pure motivation! Always know I’m gonna love her drop! Today I was so tired and just knew she could carry me through w her voice and music!”

“Just did COLLIDE. Seemed so simple and easy - why do my legs feel like jello??? 😂”

“So good! I’m easing back in after far too long away and this was perfect!”

“🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Perfection! Thank you Lauren”

“This was such a slay. Felt good in my body and my soul🖤🛐✨🥳”

“Loved it! Best way to start a Monday!!!”

“I looooooooved it!!!! thank you so much 🖤⚡️”

“On vacation and completely out of my morning workout routine. Pulled this up today because the hip opener/unwind workouts are my favorites. No equipment - still an amazing workout and reminds me why I keep coming back (almost) every day. Thank you.”

“Got my rebounder on Monday and have worked out every day since 🖤 it’s a freaking masterpiece. I literally leap out of bed at 5am because I’m so excited. It will be 3 years in August that I’ve been doing lekfit and it just gets better and better!”

“Omg i loved this so much, instant fave! The playlist was 🔥, that standing leg move with the band is one of my favorites ever, and the complex leg move on the floor felt so good, not to mention the hip roles! ❤️ So fun and sweaty! This is why LEK is queen!!!”

“I’ve only been with LEKFIT for a little over a month. I have loved every minute of it, and I think every week, “this is my favorite week”. But I say that every week! Every week is so amazing! Thank you for bringing us such amazing content EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

"Everyday there is a new workout. I just push play. I do the work. People ask what I do to look so toned. I tell them LEKFIT and send them to the link🖤"

“It was a straight up PARTY for me that I didn’t know I needed, lol!”

"Daily drop girl right here🖤
Forever thankful!"

“This was such a slay. Felt good in my body and my soul🖤🛐✨🥳”

“Wow one of my favorites ever! Barre work, ankle weights while rebounding…and amazing music selections from top to bottom! Love this🖤🖤🖤”

“Fantastic all the way around!!!!! Loved all that core especially!”

“LEK you are a special magical powerful creature with these beautiful moves you create! This drop was simply bliss🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤”

“I loved it! Great music, great sequences and a top final! 💦💪🔥🎧💃 Thank you Lauren”

“Music. Moves. Total moonshot to the zone!”

“Such a good flow! 🖤”

“absolute PERFECTION-thank you! 🖤💦”

“love a sunday sweat with heavy weights!!!!”

“Thank you so much! This is what my mind, body and soul need to get myself all clear, bring my energy back so I can do my work. Lekfit is soulfood.”

“Wow! That was killer fun! In the end when I wanted to slow down, that song kicked my energy right up before the cool down. Everyone does such good work to keep up w her.”

“phew loving the inner thigh pilates type of moves felt so so good. digging the cardiography and this playlist is fire. endrophens pumping and body feeling strong. thanks lekfit pham. xx”

“It was great! It will remain a memorable Bold for me!! I still want a lot of others like this one 🤩🤩🤩Thank you Lauren for this combo of sequences🔥💦🫶👌”

“this was EVERYTHING-thank you! 🖤💦”

“This was exactly what I needed today. True artistic flow 💛”

“So so so so good!!💗💗💗💗”

“😍😍😍😍I loved it from the beginning to the end! Thanks🫶”

“holy endrophens 🥰”

“loved the cardiopghy, the shoulder shrugs how fun.. overall a kickass workout. XO!”

“I wasn’t sure if I had energy for 58 mins today but I did it and it actually feels very restorative. Thanks LEK!”

"Amazing, especially the way you direct us, and that voice ;). Thank you thank you thank you, L!"

“BOOST has always been my #1, but there is something about the seamless combination of two concepts that always has me reevaluating my preferences! 🖤 That was an incredible class.”

“This was everything I want in a collide❤️ saved it so I can do that ab and back work. Your health is your responsibility. This quote should be shouted from the rooftop!”

“Omg EVERY!WEEK! you amaze me. When I finished this Define I had goosebumps and a smile on my face, THAT GOOD! I enjoy you guiding us on arm placement during the head tilt to the side with arm lift toward the ear. I was doing it wrong and when you gave instruction on form I felt the difference. ❤️♥️❤️”

“Loving all the beginner drops but this might be the best yet. Incredible instruction for the new weeks focus and moves. Thanks Lexie! Thanks Team Lekfit!”

“Felt every part of my body. Beautiful 🙏🏻”

“loving the d60s extended cardio tramp and then weights outline.”

“ this was so good! from start to finish you kept me sweating and fighting for it!”

“loving the cardiography moves this week! so fun! XO”

“LEK… you are a genius. I thought.. oh outer thigh week, 3 lb ankles, this will be easy haha shame on me. Im in a puddle on the floor. Tysm!”

“the cardio playlist is 🔥 and the music had me grooving through out the workout. 🙌”

“This was so much fun! I love finishing with a little floor dance party after an amazing sweat sesh! It's the best way to start a crazy busy work day!”

“Lauren, you are the undisputed 👑, thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Just getting back into it after spraining my ankle hiking a few weeks ago and the sweat was still pouring even without the weights 😅🖤🤍”

"Today’s Sessions….my thighs and glutes were on 🔥and I loved every minute of it!"

“LOVED this!! Exactly what I wanted and needed today ”

"I feel like this was even hard for LEK herself. GIRL WAS SOAKED. loved it so much reminded me of the garage studio days!"

"Love a heavy week!!!"

"So good!! It’s been a week since I have done LEK, and I needed this! I have been moving from one city to the next and needed a release! Thank you team for always providing!"

"yesss, loved this! the simple leg movements allowed me to focus on form and really target those muscles w/ the heavy weights. thank you for always bringing the most fun and sweaty workouts! <3 "

"LEK that burn is sooooo good! Forgot about all the small muscles 💪 that are key! Getting back at it and couldn't be happier! Plus those tracks!!! 😍"

"Took a couple month off for postpartum recovery and was scared to come back. I have no idea why I was so intimidated. This class was everything I needed. The moves and the playlist...perfection!! I missed LEKFIT more than I realized. So happy to be back. I somehow felt strong and sexy even with dried spit-up on me. Thank you LEKFIT! <3"

"so GOOD- the sweat snuck up on me! 💦💦"

"Beautiful! Love an unwind week! :) "

"Love the moves this week. Dance party!"

"Today’s sessions was golden⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

"Perfection! 🔥💦💪I loved the series plane and the final cardio. Thank you for these 58 minutes of happiness 🙏🤗🤗🤗"

"This workout felt so good & I loved the cardio surprise at the end--so fun!! "

"This was bordering on the magical! So many variations each day, and today's was particularly amazing! Thank you so much!"

"This is my 1st time using the fabric bands since I bought them for Mother’s Day. I’M OBSESSED and in love! 💥"

"absolute PERFECTION-instant top 5, thank you! 🖤💦🔥"

"The way this challenges me on every level 💦 Thanks <3 "

"💧💧💧 I am soaketh thrueth 💧💧💧"

"Great LEKFIT as I like: fun and effective! Thank you❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥"

"Always pure joy! Also psyched for twist and unwind coming up this week. No Sunday scaries here, looking forward to Monday 💕"

"Who am I? I couldn’t sleep so I did a collide 🥰😂 LEKFIT has replaced my comfort tv shows lol (and yes now i am going to bed, anxiety purged 🥰)"

"Omg!!! These moves from hand and knee placement with legs stretched to the side and back, feels damn good. You are a genius! Love it"

"i LOVE this Boost, I was legit excited to do it again this morning."

"Loved the pattern of leg lift moves and hitting the obliques! This week was so fun!!!"

"My 11 yr old did this and he LOVED IT! he’s into house music and beats but needs the slower instruction- and dude Lexie is such a good instructor! "

"Just what was needed! Loved the move from all 4s to standing. I’ve struggled the last few months to connect with working out. This was boredom busting and effective. I’m back!! 🫶🏾"

"I took a few weeks away from BOOST to recover from a foot injury and this was the best reintroduction. The twists, the cardio, the 3 lb arm segment. Absolutely perfect."

"A new favorite 🔥🖤"

"It was..... perfect!!!!!!!!!! I loved it! Lexie slayed!!!!"

"LOVED-thank you SO much, Lexi! 🖤💦"

"Loved the unique ab and quad work!! Abs and quads on fire 🤍"

"Loved Encore. This week was tough, but felt like I was so much stronger today!"

"Love a dance party at the end 🖤"

"Felt amazing after this! ;)"

"Absolute PERFECTION-extended cardio w/ LEK is always the BEST! 🖤💦"

"I've loved seeing how much easier the leg lifts are at the end after all the floor work. Amazing workout!!"

"Outer thighs on fuego 🔥🖤"

"My favourite one to date! Wow! Lauren has a way with curating exercises that help with the muscle mind connection in a way that is mind blowing! Seriously. The best Boost yet!! 🖤🖤"

"Lately the last cardio and cool down songs have been just bringing it home for me. 🥰🙏🏻💕"

"Just have to tell you guys that I took my first barre class last night and there is no comparison to define! Lauren’s creativity and attention to form truly cannot be matched. Not only was the class easy for me, but the instructor complimented my form three separate times and I am 42 with zero dance background! No plans to return to pure barre, but I did enjoy the in person aspect so I’m gonna to need you to open a studio in nyc ;)"

"This got me out of my head and into my heart and soul. What a perfect way to start my Sunday.🖤🖤🖤"

"Celebrating 45th year this week and I’ve never felt healthier. BOOST was FUN! "

"Lauren was on one. RING ME OUT BABY! Thank you for the IMMACULATE workout. "

"You were on 🔥! This week has been so great for me and it's been so motivating to see muscles forming and feeling strength in my entire body! What an epic way to start my Sunday--thank you LEK!!!"

"Loved the arms so much ❤️🔥"

"Beyond!! Thank you LEK.. so fun!!"

"❤️❤️❤️ I loved all these leg movements! It’s very dynamic and very diverse"

"super fun workout - love the long leg moves!"

"What an AMAZING week! I felt fabulous after D60 today. Chef's kiss!"

"My legs are saying thank you!"

“I looooooooved it!!!! thank you so much 🖤⚡️”

"Muscles burning on a Friday morning, thanks LEK 🖤"

"OH MY GOODNESS-absolutely dripping! 💦🖤🔥"

"Two years in and each workout is still challenging and engaging. Thank you for helping me find the joy in the movement and the moment."

"Wow LEK was not kidding about the difficulty level this week! This was one of the most dynamic, creative workouts I’ve ever done, I appreciate it so much xx"

"This #sessions is yet another example of pure artistry. The music is a soundtrack of empowerment and freedom. Don’t miss it."

"PERFECTION-love the quick changes and constant variety! 🖤💦"

"So good! I love switching it up, keeps it moving and keeps me engaged!"

"Thanks as always for the awesome sweat session. Currently dripping all over the place, but it feels so good."

"Ooh that was intense, the cardio beginning! Great Sunday workout"

"whew! so beautiful, and that cardio was intense! thank you for a perfect start to my Friday! <3"

"This D60 is so good!! Friday never felt so good❤️ loved the rebounder/ floor cardio combo!"

"Loved the slow down! Still kicked my ass! The dancer stretching at the end was chefs kiss! Thank you LEK!"

"Amazing workout and love the motivational chats throughout. Perfect way to start my day off; feeling incredible!"

"Loved this one! Standing legs, ballet arms 💯!"

"I’m not normally a cardio girl but I loved this workout, first time trying bold! How lekfit makes ab workouts fun is beyond me, but somehow they do it every damn time!"

"Love you so much miss Lauren! Your method has changed my life and how I feel about myself and my body."

"love the special focus on streamers, the support, and the expert instruction. I've been around the block with gyms and methods and sports, both in studio and online and otherwise - I can say I never thought it was possible to join virtually and also feel this engaged and connected to a place and team. LEK, you really spend the time to thoughtfully incorporate those of us who are joining from home. so much love! (and also- before started LEKFIT I had lingering knee injuries that kept me from enjoying my distance running practice. after about a year with LEK, I have started running again with none of the debilitating pain I felt last year. thank you!)"

"If you’re new here PLEASE listen to her and trust this process… drop everything you think you SHOULD look like, move like, dress like and just show up for yourself. You’re in the privacy of your own home so WHO CARES just try! I’ve been doing this for 3+ yrs and I have SEVERE adhd and it’s legit the only workout I’ve been able to stick with since I played volleyball at university. I’m a big girl and very inflexible but it makes me feel so delicate and poised and most of all connected to the muscles in my body for the first time in my life 🖤🖤🖤"

"Thanks LEK for the love and openness you show our community, to watch it all grow has been a total joy✨"

"(Saving this one forever bc it was a VIBE)"

"That wasn’t a workout that was time travel. Fastest 50 mins of my life. Felt like ✨classic garage studio LEKFIT ✨ how fucking lucky are we y’all?!🖤"

"This was so intense! ❤️"

"A delicious class and I need to know where Lauren got that bolero top…"

"PERFECTION-the intention of every move is just so GOOD! 🖤🔥💦"

"That wasn’t a workout that was time travel. Fastest 50 mins of my life. Felt like ✨classic garage studio LEKFIT ✨ how fucking lucky are we y’all?!🖤"

"This was so intense! ❤️"

"A delicious class and I need to know where Lauren got that bolero top…"

"PERFECTION-the intention of every move is just so GOOD! 🖤🔥💦"

"That wasn’t a workout that was time travel. Fastest 50 mins of my life. Felt like ✨classic garage studio LEKFIT ✨ how fucking lucky are we y’all?!🖤"

"This was so intense! ❤️"

"A delicious class and I need to know where Lauren got that bolero top…"

"PERFECTION-the intention of every move is just so GOOD! 🖤🔥💦"

"Love it! Thank you, Lexi! Another one added to my library! :)"

"amazing start to a Sunday. loving the heavier weights and longer arm workout 💪 😍"

"I was feeling lazy today and this was exactly what I needed! 🖤"


"um holy sh$t so much burn and so much joy - thanks for bringing it every day LEK!"

"Those legs and arms I mean ridiculous"

"So, so good! Loved the energy! 🖤"

"Loved that second leg move! This whole class flew by! 🖤"

"🖤 loved the leg combo in the middle!"

"absolutely dripping-just what i needed, thank you! 💦🖤"

"WOAH indeed 🔥 🔥 🔥Loved the heavy and slow-it gets me out of my head and more focused on the task at hand!"

"The 🍑🔥 is real! The lights! The candles! The music! It’s giving me Peach Pit After Dark and I’m here for it"

"Hip opener always reminds me that progress happens with each workout. Started the week feeling so tight and closed and by sessions… totally fluid and connected with the movement 🖤 thank you always team LEK ✨"

"My favorite so far since coming back! Loved the music and the vibe overall. I'm going "old-school" this week and repeating the same videos a few days in a row to master the cues. I even got some of my own mood lighting in my workout room and it makes such a difference. Thank you for creating a fun but TOUGH workout to do that definitely makes me feel better after I do it! 🖤 Fab fab fab. Felt so delicious and stretchy!"

"Also thank you for the variation/option for the deep stretch on the knee…. My knees are so raggedy these days bc of the cold weather so I loved the demonstration of our options"

"What a mood 🙌🖤🖤 I am here for the re-do at the end. I loved the peek behind the scenes."

"OK the DJ is dj’ing ….This was gorgeous and woof my arms are 💀 which is WHAT I WANT ✨"

“This was so good, and so grateful to have LEK back for a Collide. 🖤”

“fantastic define as always the perfect way to start every day.!”

"Now that's what I call happy hour! thanks Lexie!!"

"I’ve been so low energy lately and so I’m proud of myself for pushing thru at the end when Lauren told us to - worked like witchcraft bc suddenly it got easier when I stopped telling myself I was too tired✨🌶️✨ Thanks for pushing me from 3k miles away team LEKFIT"

“Great! I really liked the abs sequence! Beautiful playlist with a top cardio ending! Thank you LEKFIT”

“That song “the power”’ combined with the side running man move took me to a place. Was laughing and singing along having a really good time in my living room! Set me up for a good day. Thanks team LEKFIT!”

"Never a dull moment in LEKland!"

"This class was fire! AND the playlist! So much gratitude for this space."

“Even better the second time!!! Great playlist and sequence, thank you!”

“Beautiful class. Felt like a meditation mixed in with an amazing burn and flow. Completed each Daily Drop this week and it’s amazing to see Lauren’s strategy and intentional moves flowing together from day to day. Thanks for starting my day off right!”

"first time doing D60-AMAZING! cardio w/ LEK is always perfection and loved this format so much 🖤"

"I’ve been doing this for 3+ years and workouts like this one HUMBLE ME and I am reminded why I have stuck with this method for this long. Lauren, you sexy beast. Constantly raising the bar…. Also LOVE THE HOUSE MIXES FOR CARDIO, let’s my mind connect to my body thru the groove. Thank you✨"

“Woua! What a thunder session! I loved this cardio very cardio and all the rest! 🤩🤩🤩 Great playlist again! It’s really a very beautiful week from every point of view:💦🔥 💪🎧🎤🤸🧘‍♀️ Thank you very much Lauren🥰🥰🥰”

“Love ALL the music and moves this week!!!! The best! Really into it”

"So so good, thank you!!!! 💦 🖤🖤 REALLY appreciated the detailed guidance for the last song -"

"Love coming off the rebounder. I find it more challenging and it’s so fun to mix it up 💦🔥🖤"

“That felt amazing. Mind and body connection had me vibing. Thanks for the energy LEK!”

“feeling those LA vibes all the way in OAK - thanks LEK! :)”

"I'm not a define girl but saw that the cardio was almost 25 min long, so I kept going through the rest and loved this! You have a D60 convert 🖤🔥"

"It was one of those days yesterday when the last thing I wanted to do was exercise. I had a tension headache and told myself to put on sessions and if it was too painful I’d stop…cut to an hour later. Headache gone, the music got me in a zone! TYSM! 💛"

“Loved the sweat! Those legs were ridiculous, my butt is on 🔥”

“Thank you Lauren for the immaculate vibes. To say I needed this would be an understatement!”

"This session was medicine. 2023 has started out heavy and my body has been weighed down by it. This is exactly the soft movement and strength training I needed."

"Loved the personal-session-with-LEK feel of this DEFINE class :)"

“Music was the perfect volume!! Loved the Playlist! Thank youuu team LEKFIT!”

“So GOOD-time completely flew by-thank you!”

"that was AH-MAZING!! Everything was spot on 👌 the music, the moves, the vibes. Thank you thank you!! 🔥🔥🔥"

"Best Bold to start the new year!! Oh how I missed kicks and boxer arms! Thank you! Saving as one of my faves!"

“LEKFIT is the BEST-and the 5 lbs arms are 🔥, thank you!”

“This workout was wonderful! Loved the great cues and form tips given. Thanks as always!! 🖤”

"Wohoooo! My tramp was shaking while does the standing leg!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽"

" Perfect. This workout is a FAVE for sure!!!"

“What a great start for this first Boost of the year! A perfection! 🔥💦👌🤩🤩🤩Thank you Lauren😘What a great start for this first Boost of the year! A perfection! 🔥💦👌🤩🤩🤩Thank you Lauren😘”

“This easily could’ve been a Throwback “garage” Define. But, it’s at 346 and we’re living in 2023! 🖤”

" loved everything about that 😍 here's to another year of LEKFIT. Can't wait🖤"

"First Define after a long hiatus and it did not disappoint! Great moves, great music, great vibes- reminding me to never miss a LEKFIT workout!!!"

“Back after a long break and Define is so reliable to get me back into it ❤️ love the music & lighting.”

“Saving this one because the MUSIC WAS SO VIBEY and matched the mood perfectly. I also stopped and put on my fishnets under my bootie shorts to match LEK💅🏼 Loving the energy we’re creating in the space✨”

"And I thought last week was hard, this week’s a killer! Feel myself getting stronger by the second 💪"

"Loved how she sneaks in the abs without us knowing it, my waist is snatched 💕"


“Music was perfection! Esp during lunges 💛”

"First time doing Collide. I really enjoyed it! Felt like it worked my stiff hips in a good way and got a good sweat on while still feeling a nice relaxed vibe. Loved it!"

"So tough yet soo damn good!"

“This was a vibe✨”

“ What a playlist!”

"such a fun boost! love the playlist"

"That was strong, glorious, and burning all at the same time! Never a dull moment 🖤 thank you, thank you!!"

“The back contraction after leg lift is a winning combination. This Define has a relaxing vibe 🖤”

“what an amazing sweat sesh for my birthday! I got a 6mo subscription as a birthday gift 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since! thanks LEK for never disappointing! <3”

"Those 6lb weights with the black band is TOUGH! Can’t wait for the gains! 🖤🔥💦"

"That was pure magic 😍 so relaxing...yet dripping in sweat 🖤"

“That was intense in the best possible way!”

“It was really a great session 🔥! I loved every moment🤩🤩🤩 Another great playlist! 👌 Thank you for this 60 format: it’s really great👍 Thank you Lauren😘”

"I loved loved loved all the leg combinations today! It felt like the garage days!"

"LOVE this week so much-the movements, the music, the guidance-PERFECTION! 💦🖤"

“phew 😅 those jumping planks at the end with the super star song was everything for me! great release. gracias 🤍”

“Loved this so much! Had to modify the leg routine bc my workout space is too small but I FELT IT none the less. Thanks for giving my brain and body a challenge dudes🖤”

"Loved it! Kept moving through out and went so quickly"

"I am thankful for this amazing workout and all things LEKFIT!"

“Oh my, I am DRIPPING!!! Loved this collide!!!🔥”

“This was perfection. From the choreography to the optimal sound! Thank you, so so grateful for LEKFIT! 💛”

"Love, love, love— nothing better!!"


“AMAZING! the end was so wonderful the lighting, music and of course the moves! Thank you for this amazing workout!”

“That music had me going! Loved loved loved every moment. Thank you 🖤🙏”

"Perfect fucking playlist✨ I needed this, thank you for serving 🖤"

"This was such a fun bold!! Love when you challenge my balance with single leg bounces! I feel like Superwoman!!"

“holy hip openers - what a burner. and really felt the room vibe today. thanks LEK and crew!”

“Delish. How did you know my neck and shoulders needed this? Thanks🖤”

"Sooooo good! Absolutely loved this class. The music, the moves, the energy. A++"

"Felt this one major! Super challenging. Love it."

“This one was TOUGH!!! Shows me where I need work! 🖤”

“love that you give all parts of us attention and work - true artistry! :)”

"So good!! 😍 feel amazing after - such a good stretch"

"AMAZING-music & moves perfection-feel so damn fierce and energized, thank you! 🖤💦🔥"

“So so good!! Yummy legs, those bands were felt!! Thank you team!”

“killer boost! love those leg moves (and LEKFIT support team, we see you and appreciate you!)”

"such a fun boost and loooooove LEKs words of encouragement - they always come at just the right time 🖤"

"Love how LEK is always adding new moves, even after 1.5 years it’s always exciting to start a new week. 🖤"

“AMAZING! Stretch at the end was lovely and felt fantastic. Might be my favorite of the week so far. ;)”

“the most beautiful sweat as always! thank you LEK!”

"So much f****** fun. Thank you for the longer stretch at the end too🖤"

"WHAT A WORKOUT! It was so high energy and fun. I am super out of shape right now, but even when I was tired I felt like I could push a little harder because of the great energy in the class. My mom who is incredibly fit and never sweats was sweating and loved it. She remarked that she felt more energized and less depleted than she usually feels after running or other cardio.Super fun!! Wish I lived in LA so I could join and get the experience every day. Thank you again!"

“Good, hard, a bit different, loved it! I like the standing leg move with the extension- it gave a little stretch. Always love the dynamic moves. 🙌”

“Beautifully curated class and the perfect way to end my Sunday. Ready for another great week with LEK!”

"AMAZING-every movement is so intentional and absolutely felt in ALL areas of the body, thank you! 🖤💦🔥"

"Glorious!! That was so satisfying for so many reasons! 🖤🖤🖤--"

“For some reason I was scared of this boost - maybe b/c of the six lb weights and cuff band? anyway, it was so fun! From the very first song, I felt an energy rush. Love this one so much + the playlist was 👩‍🍳💋”

“I love Define. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love me some boost too. But there’s something sneaky about define. It’s an amazing workout but in a very chill format. So you almost don’t realize how hard you are working. But by the end you’re drenched in sweat and feeling so accomplished! Love 🖤🤍❤️‍🔥”

"Loved this hype! These 30 min classes are really helping to keep me consistent, especially on the days when motivation is low. Those burpees got me!"

"Amazing boost and the reason I keep coming back after 2 years to LEKFIT!! Always evolving and growing 💪💪🖤"

"Loved this class! Always love a class with fun ballet arms and challenging legs. The vibes were right!"

“The bouncing to the beats was so needed to boost my endorphins. Been tired and unmotivated to do anything but walk, the past few days.”

"Ok that was just pure awesomeness!! Loved the mix of bold and boost it was perfection 💜!"

"Loving these quick & dirty Hypes in 30! Especially after yesterday's Define. Thank you!"

“Second day doing a bold postpartum and on my new LEK rebounder! This rebounder is amazing, such a better bounce!!”

"Loved the cool down using the rebounder. Feeling as a newer person to rebounder workouts helped a lot with confidence. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼"

"D60 really is 🔥. I love cardio at the beginning, and then settling into the mat work. Such a lovely flow. 🖤"

"This was amazing!! The rebounder cardio was so much fun. My legs and butt are on fire. 3 years with LEKFIT and I am still obsessed <3"

"D60 is now my favorite. I love having all the cardio in the beginning and a full 40 of resistance work. This one was PERFECT. Love love lovity love love. Absolutely perfect."

“That was absolutely divine and killer at the same time! I have never sweat that much through a collide 🤯🔥🖤 thank you LEK team!”

"This was perfection, the loveliest icing on the most delicious cake. This week was SO good. I feel so strong, yet not overworked or overtired. Thank you LEK for taking the best care of us ✨🖤"

"This was so graceful after last week’s big muscle group movements, but still I AM DRIPPING!!!"

“Great BOLD, loved the additional moves and some oldies. Taylor's energy is amazing. Looking forward to this week's BOOST!”

“Instant fave. LEK always brings it- the energy, the vibe, music, moves! 🖤🔥💦”

"Loved it! As per usual, Sessions is one of my top favorites of the week! Thank you, thank you 🙏🙏🙏"

"Dude, my ass🔥🔥🔥 loved the stretch at the end this week, felt so good on my tight lower back🖤💋"

“Perfect mix of sweaty, strength and grace! Loved this one!”

“Incredible. The rebounder moves felt fun and fresh!!”

"I had a fucking smile on my face the whole time🖤"

“ Always new, always killer! This week has been challenging in the BEST way!”

"Thank you for the LEKFIT digital catalog! I didn't know what I was up for class wise today and it was a tough choice because I enjoy all the class formats. Just wanted to say thank you to LEK for giving us so many options to choose from. 🤍🖤"

“I’ve been doing these classes for over 2 yrs now, love them all but recently have had a hard time staying motivated through each class. This one brought me back and made me want to keep up. Instructor is a stallion!”

"tiege is the fireball of energy we all didn’t know we needed - she is the essence of BOLD!"

"I’m just getting back to full length workouts after having a baby. 10 weeks postpartum and this was exactly what I needed. Feeling great. Thank you LEK! 🤍"

"So fun! Loved the music! Thank you LEK! 🙏🖤"

“Praise the Queen! Some how she pulls my energy up and out for those last two cardios- I even got goosebumps when I hopped back on the rebounder. I don’t know how she does it, but I worship Lauren!!!”

"I’ve been doing the Chill Pilates while injured and it’s a great addition. Also would be a nice add on after a walk or run."

“This session in define was already perfect 😍😍😍 but this define sixty version issimply « magic » I'm ready for the nextsession 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Thank you LEKFIT 😘”

“Lexi that was amazing! So challenging, fun and sweaty ♥️”

“It was really a great training at a very rhythm of boot camp style: I love it. Don’t change anything: it’s perfect 👌👌 thank you 🙏😘”

“woweeeeeeee. so sweaty and flowy, and those tuck jumps + plank series were 🔥”

"Amazing, loved every minute. Standing leg work is always a win with me. Thank you for your ongoing talent. :)"

"that boost was amaaaaaaaazing!!!! looking forward to tomorrow already!! LEK you are fab 🖤"

"The sweat was real in SESSIONS”

“What a fabulous instructor! Great class; thank you!”

“Such a great workout, thank you!”

“Thank you! Super great class and direction! xo”

“Nice upper body workout. Im going to do some of the ten workout for glut or quads to complete. Have a nice week”

“Loved this class! Excellent direction and Define vibe! 🙌🖤”

“SPEECHLESS-so what I needed, thank you! ❤️💦🔥”

"Does anyone else find themselves doing WET while casually hanging out in the pool with friends?😂😂"

“This one is absolute perfection!”

“Loved this one and the vibe. Thank you!”

“I loved it! What a rhythm! Top Burpee 🤩🤩🤩 thank you “

“love the burpees - no joke!”

“So nice, I did it twice! 🖤🖤🖤”

“Omg, boy I needed that! Therapeutic and super fun. LOVEDDDDD IT!!”

“i’ve tried every streaming workout out there and you’re an O R I G I N A L   👏👏👏   no comparison. results are unparalleled. period.”

"Blew me out of the water, loved it! The flow, the energy, the music, the moves...😍"

"That was so so good! Feeling energized!"

"When BOOST has you *literally* flapping your wings… feelin’ like flying after this class! Amazing! 🖤"

"Lauren, thank you for giving us what we want, what we need and most importantly what we love! "

"AMAZING-Sessions ALWAYS delivers the best music and flow-look forward to it EVERY week, thank you! 🔥🖤"

"Define is so reliable 🖤 I took a 2 week break, and I am right back at it! Define makes me feel GOOD!"

"I’ve felt every muscle in the body work. 🔥🖤"

"This was EPIC! Thanks for the sweat 🖤🔥"

"this was an amazing combination of movements! looking forward to next week's DAILY DROP!"

"BOOST is so good! sweaty 🥵 and I had to concentrate on the moves to keep my mind focused!"

"I can’t stop doing this boost. 3rd time. Someone cut me off before my ass becomes a weapon🖤💋"

"Amazing. Just beautiful. I’m so proud of my body, the strength and the mindfulness I have now. Some days I realize that for three years I've decided to move my body, join LEKFIT and build the body I want every single day. Because the workout is one amazing thing but the consistency and decision that you helped me to acquire is even more amazing. Thanks and have a nice week everyone."

“Had some hard days and LEKFIT always remains my happy place. The connection with my body and remembering that although everything isn't going well I have this strength in me. Thanks a lot. I´ve been here for years and I choose it everyday, happy or sad, awake or tired, always is my peaceful and mindful place. And I have to add one more and super important thing that you've achieved with this method: it is never about working out with anger, it is always about working out to find peace in oneself. And that's a great relationship with our bodies and mind.”

"Oh and can I say how SAFE I feel with momma Lauren taking care of everyone in the studio? It’s why I’m looking at flights to LA everytime I do a workout bc I’m like ….. I wanna be there🫠"

"what’s better is my LEK workouts don’t make me feel totally broken down (I used to do HIIT bootcamp style things pre baby and got really injured doing them. now I just build my body back up and repair injuries!) LEKFIT is the real deal."

"Absolutely PHENOMENAL! I have a new bum and a smaller waist after this class today!!!!!"

"This Boost was so fun, so dancey and flew by! Thank you so much for your endless creativity 💛"

"So good! The music throughout was perfect for the movement. Loved the mix of quick and slow movements 🖤"

"Such a good class this is one of the ones I want to archive for when I’m not pregnant to redo 🥰"

Loved this. Loving the twisting dance jump music yess so much fun. I got into this workout during the pandemic when there was no more estastic dance, and I'm soo grateful, one of the good things that came out of that time. Love you guys, I hope to do a in person sweat sesh sometime. 🤍"

"LOVE IT!! JUST AMAZING. Im so grateful for this method. My body is so strong now. I´ve been streaming lekfit for years and I feel my body so diferent. Beyond the look that I´m super ok with that too, I´m so happy with the inner side of it and the control I have of my body. Thanks a lot, it´s not easy to love for so many years the same workout and you do it, week over week."

"I’ve been taking a break from the boosts/sessions for a few weeks because of needing to RELAX & UNWIND and the defines & collides have been lifesavers bc I’m still getting my heart rate up, I’m just going easier on my cortisol levels. Thank you so much for this method! It suits my everchanging moods 🖤which is why/how I can stick with it."

"Last sessions before my wedding this Saturday!!! Just the release and motivation I needed! Thank you LEK for helping me feel my best not just physically but mentally as well! And yes the cool down song had me crying too - I’ve dealt with body issues my whole life, but LEK helps me feels like such a badass!!!

"Another great moment of pure perfection! It’s incredible to work while relaxing! There’s really only define that gives me this feeling. Thank you Lauren😘"

"First session in a few weeks and damn I missed this RUSH! Absolutely felt like an athletic goddess during those fast paced twist kicks!

"And dude, that Lauren Daigle song for cool down had me CRYING 🫠"

"wheeeoo 😅🫶 loved this one so much, this will be a repeater for sho! loving the hips rounding dance moving felt so good fun! 🙏🫶"

“I’m currently four months pp and started the mama exercises at 2 weeks - it really helped me recover quickly”

"I was not ready for this, but boy did I love it! It challenges me in a brand new way. You’re absolutely right that these routines are NEVER boring. Thanks for the awesome sweat session today!"

"Music so good and vibey. Amazed how there is ALWAYS fresh music without many repeats ever!!!!!"

“Loved it! I'm feeling it everywhere! I love how my body feels after a full body workout. You always deliver!”

“I’ve been with LEKFIT since 2017… I love the workouts so much! I have never enjoyed a workout as long as this one. I’m 51 and it gets harder to keep weight off but this definitely helps. I work out before I go to work at least 4 days a week and it has been so good for my mental health. It just doesn’t just better then this!🖤🖤🖤”

“I started maybe 7 months ago and love it. I started doing the In Thirty’s and Jetset and have recently started doing Bold, Boost, Define, etc. I probably do it 4-5 days a week. Before that I was working out and just not seeing the results I wanted. I’ve lost about 10 pounds, my clothes fit better, and my back pain is almost gone. I’m so impressed by the functional movement aspect. It’s been a pretty steep learning curve for me, maybe because I don’t have a dance background but I have also been trying to look at the challenges as a way to grow and get stronger and more flexible. I love it and crave the workouts.”

"LEKFIT is by far the best full-body workout I have ever experienced, and I've done every workout method there is. I would recommend LEKFIT to anyone."

"Just a moment to fangirl over Lauren- the way you are able to crank up your focus when you know the ~streamers~ will need it is so incredible. No matter what is happening in the background you’re able to capture our attention and crank the tempo to make our minds go quiet and our bodies take over. It’s really what I love most about this method- I’ll press play with SO MUCH SHIT on my mind and Lauren just gets me to focus the fuck IN ON ME. Lauren just instinctively knows when to give extra instructions or queuing based on the bodies in the room- I’ve been in the studio IRL to see it happen and it makes you really want to try to keep up and have fun and I really appreciate that it’s always been about trying - not being perfect 🖤Anyway, love this class and I love all these baddies who do LEKFit - new or “vets” , we all need this right now and you can feel the women supporting other women thru the screen💅🏼🔥🧨"

“Can I just say, as someone who has ADD, COLLIDE always keeps me engaged as it has so much variety. I love all the concepts but the way my brain works my mind easily wanders so if nothing else I always do Collide !!!”

“I just upgraded to the LEKFIT one after wearing out two other brands over the last year. It’s soooo much better. The surface is much tighter and it makes the workout harder.”

“It’s the BEST rebounder!!! Definitely purchase all the weights! a world of difference!!! It’s strong and stable. Almost like you’re on a gymnastics floor. Plenty of space🖤” 

“Blood is pumping, sweat is dripping and muscles on 🔥! Even the rain this morning can’t get me down after that mood boosting workout. 🖤”

"the staff here is so amazing. its like therapy walking in here!" 

“Same, the only thing that I’ve stuck with and quit my gym membership” 

“This boost is exceptional: every muscle trembles! The video with the class increases energy and the lights are perfect! 🔥🖤💦”

“LEKFIT rebounder is the only one I’ll ever use!! Worth it’s weight in gold!! 😍”

"love the single leg hops! I remember when I first started and thought "this is ridiculous move ill never be able to do" and today I crushed every set of them! Love this progression & love LEK."

"Almost repeated boost as I loved it so much. Glad I did encore, really enjoyed it and so great to have a fresh workout every day 😊😍"

"40th Birthday Define complete! Thank you Lauren for helping me get the strongest I’ve ever been. Health is such a gift and I’m grateful to move with all of you! 🖤🖤🖤"

“I love Chill for breaks during my workday. I sit on a ball at my desk but I still get stiff from sitting so it's just the right amount of energizing and helps me to refocus 🖤”

“This has been one of my most favorite weeks. Everything about it was absolute perfection. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy the addition of the heavier weights. The plank, squat, rise series was amazing. 🖤”

“Fuck yeah Lauren. I’ve been LEKFit’n for almost 3 yrs now and this was a top 5 💥💥💥I’m drenched, I’m spent, I’m peaceful and most of all I’m stronger than I was before, and it’s rad bc I know I’ll keep growing Can’t stop won’t stop! Thanks y’all🖤”

“It’s my one year jumpiversary! To celebrate I stacked Boost and Define even though quad week is the most challenging for me. A year ago I couldn’t even do a burpee or plank and I killed them today y’all. Both body and mind have undergone massive transformation over the past year and I’m just so proud of every single time I pushed play (310/365). Eternal gratitude to you, Lauren 🖤”

“Love @lekfit tramp and define classes. The rebounder is low- impact and gets your heart-rate up while the toning moves really sculpt your body. I like how the workout room is heated and super spacious. They email clients what props to bring weekly (i.e. dumbbells, ankle weights) which is very helpful. And the space is gorgeous, feels like a cozy home. Plus they have showers so I can freshen up before I continue with the rest of my day. Definitely recommend! ✨”

“Every week i think, how can she beat this one, and then she makes me forget because the new one is that GOOD-thank you for the amazing variety of workouts EVERY week! 🖤🖤” 

“INCREDIBLE core series in this week’s Define. I’m amazed at how strong I’ve become!”

“dripping in sweat and beat red after that but I CRUSHED that sessions class! LEK you are an artist, truly!”

“that was so exhilarating, thank you! Lauren really outdid herself this week!”

“one of my favorites. Flowed so nicely!”

“this was everything I needed today, thank you!”

“so good! I have loved this week and I look forward to next week.”

“I love the full body sequences in this class! that last leg with the rebounder is fire”

“wow! incredible class! put me in an instant good mood! shaking form head to toe!”

“thank you thank you! So much fun! I love it!”

“I am fucking obsessed! cannot wait to wake up and do these!”

“Lekfit is the only workout method that keeps me engaged!”

“the playlists lately are magical!”

“deceptively difficult! I am completely in love!”

“such a great class! I modified for baby bump but it was so good! thank you”

“amazing boost!! I’m already so sore, my legs are on fire!”

“boy, Lauren was not kidding when she said we would feel lots of new muscles this week! That leg series was just killer! ”

“these inversions were so fun, I’m dripping sweat, and the playlist was fire!”

“these are an amazing new addition! I’ve been craving some slow movement and this hit the spot! I feel so chill now. thank you!”

“I love when the leg series has multiple parts to it like the ones in Boost this week - on and off the rebounder, lunges and squats and planks and kicks all combined. LOVE!”


“woot!! woot!! love a BOLD on monday!”

“simply beautiful!”

“Thank you for melting me, LEK🖤”

“so so good no other words. lauren’s the GOAT.”

“well that was so much fun!”

“love this! thank you LEK!!! what a burn! looking forward to next week!”

“so good! Love to get lost in it.”

“every time I think it won’t top the last class, it totally does! Thank you for always challenging me”

“I’ve been doing it since 2017. I’ve toned up after two pregnancies, but the more I do it the more it’s become about my mental health. There’s something about the endorphins and pushing myself more and more that keeps me grounded. And I (mostly) look forward to it in a way that I never have with any other workout”

"out of this world! love the energy and direction from Lexie. the heavy weights just what I need for this week!"

"COLLIDE is a great mood booster! love the moves and music!"

“Loved this flow - I got lost in it (and was dripping sweat too).”

“I looooooooved it!!!! thank you so much 🖤⚡️”

“Really love this Define. The music, the moves - always a challenge and always so good!”

“that playlist was fucking CHOICE 🖤🎧🤍”