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LEKFIT is a strategically curated fitness method that features dynamic movement designed to work the full body. with NEW daily workouts, LEKFIT contains intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone. LEKFIT offers musically driven, RESULTS PROVEN, fun and challenging workouts creating a complete fitness experience.


we believe a workout should be equal parts fun and effective. physical fitness is an opportunity to celebrate our bodies ability to move rather than punish it. we encourage all LEKFIT clients to intuitively choose their workout, as we strive to eliminate rigid schedules that can lead to plateau, boredom, burn out and injury. our seven class concepts are designed to complement each other allowing LEKFIT community members to easily choose based on daily personal physical fitness needs.


we believe a well-rounded workout involves working the entire body while strategically focusing on specific areas. we know the body is incredibly smart and adaptable and as a result, we switch the focus weekly. our in studio and digital community enjoy new, full-body workouts each week.

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